Sugar Loaf/Cons Production Line is one of the most important products of this industrial group.

Raya Sanat has the ability to implement the production line of sugar loaf by baking in different dimensions and capacities, which can be ordered depending on the needs and volume of production required.

This industrial group also announces its readiness to supply all the machinery needed by the industry’s esteemed factories, manufacturers and suppliers.

All stages of installation, commissioning, training and deployment of sugar production throughout the country are carried out by the company’s experts and engineers.

Production Process

  • In this production line, white sugar is used to prepare Sugar Loaf/Cons
  • First, the white sugar is dissolved in warm water to form a 60 to 62 Brix syrup.
  • The resulting syrup contains impurities and dyes,
  • To purify the syrup, a press filter is used, then a paint machine is used to remove the dyes.
  • After the syrup is smooth and discolored, it is stored in special tanks to be ready for concentration.
  • The stored syrup contains 60 to 62 Brix. This syrup reaches about 95 Brix by the concentrator. It should be noted that the concentration process is done in a relative vacuum so that the color of the syrup does not change.
  • After concentrating, the material is emptied into sugar molds, and then the sugar molds are placed inside a centrifuge to remove the effluent from the sugar.
  • After the effluent comes out, the formed Sugar Loaf/Cons comes out of the mold and dries.

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