Raya Sanat: Date Juice Production Line

Date juice (concentrated date extract) is one of the healthiest and most useful processed extracts in the world, which is a good alternative to a variety of refined sweeteners. On the other hand, this substance has a very high nutritional value and contains phosphorus and iron, the consumption of which in the morning meal activates nerve cells and also prevents anemia in people. Date juice relieves rheumatic pains and arterial and venous diseases.

Machines required for Date Juice Production Line

  • Washing Machine and Elevator

After sorting and screening, the dates are washed in this machine, then drained by a conveyor belt and directed to the Pre-Cooking machine

  • Pre-Cooking Machine

In this machine, the dates are mixed with a mixture of hot water and the necessary ingredients and then heated until the dates reach the desired cooking level.

  • Date Core Extractor

The soluble substances comes out of the per-cooking and enters the core extractor. The core and hard parts in the date are removed.

  • Filter Press

In this machine, the small solid particles remaining are separated from the syrup, resulting in a smooth, clear syrup.

  • Batch Evaporator Machine

In this part, the syrup is heated inside the controlled device to increase the concentration of the solution. It should be noted that this operation is performed in a relative vacuum to prevent the syrup from burning.

  • Pasteurizer

In order to consume the juice in home use and also in order to prevent corruption and high durability, the juice obtained by this device is pasteurized.

  • Supplementary Machines

Storage tanks, filling machine, jet printer, sticky label or shrink label, shrink pack machine and other packaging and product transfer requirements

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