Raya Sanat: Mineral Water Production Line

Raya Sanat is one of the active manufacturers of machines and importers of machines required for mineral and drinking water production lines, which has been honored to launch and equip several production lines inside and outside the country.

This complex has the ability to launch all kinds of mineral and drinking water production lines from the study stage, water purification and making PET bottles to semi-automatic or fully automatic packaging.

It is also possible to supply the desired fully automatic foreign devices and the latest up-to-date devices in the world with various capacities.

It is also possible to make and import the devices needed for small half-liter bottles, large 1.5-liter bottles and 10-liter gallons.

Mineral and drinking water production line process

After identifying the main source of water supply, the process of producing mineral water or drinking water includes two groups of machines as follows.

1- Processing and maintenance machines

  • Water purifiers

There are different filtration systems for removing unwanted salts and adjusting the elements needed for water, and it is usually selected and made after performing the necessary tests on the water used by this device.

  • Storage containers

The reservoirs of the mineral water production line are built in different capacities and made of all-steel

2- Packaging machines

  • Blow Moulding Machine

Blow Moulding Machine are offered in two fully automatic and semi-automatic models, and depending on the type of mold that is embedded in the device, it is possible to make different types of large and small bottles in different shapes.

  • Bottle rinsing machine

In order to wash the bottle before filling, according to the required capacity of the production line, two models of semi-automatic bottle rinsing machine that has an independent function and automatic Bottle rinsing machine that is connected to the filling machine are offered.

  • Filling machines

Filling machines are offered in two models, mono block and tri block. These machines are equipped with CIP system for washing and disinfecting the liquid transfer path inside the machine.

  • Labeling machines

To cover the label on the bottle, according to the labels used, which are usually divided into two general thermal categories and adhesive back, two models of shrink label machine and adhesive label machine are used.

  • Jet Printer

The jet printer is recommended for inserting the date and production specifications on the mineral water bottle.

  • Shrink pack machine

To shrink the bottle, two models of shrink pack machine: shooter shrink machine and automatic shrink machine equipped with bottle liner are provided, and 6 and 9 pieces and 12 pieces and 24 pieces of bottles are suitable for packing.

  • Conveyor belts

Conveyor belts (ground and air) play a very important role in automation and the process of transferring bottles along the production line route.

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